Wicked Saroyan Theatre - Fresno Convention Center Tickets - Fresno, CA

Get Discount Wicked Fresno CA Saroyan Theater Tickets - Low Cost Saroyan Theater Tickets here. Saroyan Theater is located in Fresno Convention Center serves as home to the Fresno Philharmonic, Fresno Grand Opera and the Fresno Ballet. The venue also hosts Broadway productions in Fresno, Valley Performing Arts Council and Lively Arts Foundation, and other comedy shows, concerts and arts and entertainment events. The theatre consists of 2,353 seats. The first performance was performed by Thomas Griswold on October 14, 1966. The theatre underwent renovations recently for extensions of main lobby and VIP Lounge to suit the latest facilities.

Get Discount Wicked Fresno CA Saroyan Theater Tickets - Cheap Saroyan Theater Tickets here. Fresno Convention Center was opened in October 1968 with three main venues in it. The venue underwent renovations in 1981 and 1999 to the latest expectations. It consists of Selland Arena named after former Fresno Arthur L. Selland with over 9000 seats, William Saroyan Theater named after native Fresnan, novelist William Saroyan with 2,353 seats and Ernest E. Valdez Hall is the largest among three venues with 32,000 square feet hosting dances, banquets, weddings and meetings. The Convention Center also consists of Exhibit Hall with over 66,000 square-feet.

Last Updated: Oct 07, 2013