Wicked Rochester Auditorium Theatre Rochester, NY Tickets

Find discount Wicked Rochester, NY Tickets - Low Price Wicked Rochester Auditorium Tickets are available here. Rochester Auditorium consists of about 2400 seats with good interior. Experience the untold story of the witches with great stage design and superior choreography.

Rochester Auditorium Theatre is a part of Rochester Auditorium Center accompanying the Masonic Temple Complex. The venue is located in Rochester, New York.

The Auditorium Theatre was constructed in 1928, which hosted number of Broadway musicals.

The theatre served as a home for concerts, ballets, dance, classical, comedy and children’s shows.

The theater is designed in Art Deco style, which is more popular during its construction. The interior is decorated with molded ornamental plasters. The ceilings of the lobbies are covered with plaster work.

Images of the squirrels on the ceilings of the building’s front floor are the highlight of the theatre. Different types of images done with the plaster work covers the entire theatre walls.

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2016