Wicked Orpheum Theater Tickets - Omaha, NE

Buy discount Wicked Omaha, NE Tickets - Low Price Wicked Orpheum Theater Tickets to enjoy the performance of hit Broadway show. The Orpheum Theater is a performing arts venue located in Omaha, Nebraska. The theater was constructed in 1927 as the Creighton Theater. The theater was named so in honor to John A. Creighton, a local philanthropist. The Orpheum hosts Broadway shows and Opera Omaha. The theater was placed in National Register of Historic Places on March 26, 1973.

The Creighton Theater was added to the Orpheum Circuit and in 1900 it was expanded to nine western cities namely Omaha, Chicago, Kansas City, New Orleans, Denver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento. Then the theater was named as Orpheum.

Buy discount Wicked Omaha, NE Tickets - Low Cost Wicked Orpheum Theater Tickets here. The Orpheum Theater consists of 2,600 seats with proscenium arch. The theater was used as Movie Theater till 1975. Then it was converted into a performing arts venue again after completing a renovation of about $2 million. A $10 million renovation was made in 2002 in order to compete with the modern scenery and staging. From then The Orpheum Theater is considered as one of the Omaha's most popular performing arts venues.

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2017